Johan Andersson


The image in the header of this website comes from Johan Andersson depiction of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’. It is part of a series called ‘Gentile Embrace’. On his website he writes:

‘Gentile Embrace’ is a provocative modern-day rendition of biblical scenes, including Da Vinci’s Last Supper, with Jesus Christ surrounded by more current figures that have been judged or outcast by society. The characters include the homeless, drug addicts, and convicts. The Gentile Embrace series is about updating Biblical scenes and asking ourselves which modern-day figures those stories would have included.

The series stirs a reaction in the viewer to look deep within himself or herself to confront their false sense of inadequacy, suggesting that there is nobody who is exempt from God’s use. Throughout Biblical history, God has used gentle archetypes to shame the wise and proud, illuminating the strength in weakness. These lessons illustrate our hunger for a force greater than ourselves, allowing us to discover our true identity through the unveiling of unconditional love.

Title: The Last Supper
Medium: Giclée Print

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