‘n Lewe van Geluk teenoor ‘n Lewe van Betekenis?

So, ek lê in my sonkol en lees The Alchemist, en skielik spring my gedagtes na hierdie gedeelte van Heroes waar Nathen en Linderman gesels oor die betekenis van die lewe.

“Nathan is escorted down to the kitchen where he meets Mr. Linderman preparing a pot pie. They make small talk concerning food for a while before Mr. Linderman asks Nathan if he’s happy. Nathan tells him that he’s got a few things bothering him. Mr. Linderman tells him that he believes there comes a time when a man has to pick between a life of happiness and a life of meaning. Nathan tells him he would like both, but Mr. Linderman claims it’s not possible. He claims that to be happy a man needs to live in the present, whereas with a life of meaning a man needs to worry about the past and obsess about the future. Nathan pulls a gun out and Mr. Linderman tells him that now he can’t have any of his pot pie. Mr. Linderman tells him that he won’t hold this against him as many people have tried to kill him in the past. Nathan tells him that he’ll be the last one then. Mr. Linderman tells him that he can pull the trigger and that they can both die, or that he could offer Nathan something. He tells Nathan that there are things he knows about such as Nathan’s ability to fly and Peter’s current problem. He tells Nathan that he’s going to win the election and two years later he will find himself in the White House. Mr. Linderman continues cooking and Nathan lowers his gun.”



The Alchemist bladsy 98.