Barna Webinar Notes: Childrens Ministry in a New Reality

Vir die meeste kinder bediening leiers is die hoof doel met kinder bediening dat kinders ‘n verhouding met Jesus bou.

When they age out of childrens ministry they should (volgens ouers en leierskap):

  1. Know that Jesus loves them
  2. Feel like a part of the church body
  3. Feel comfortable attending the main worship event with adults
  4. Understand redemption through Jesus Christ
  5. Feel comfortable joining the church’s youth ministry
  6. Understand the bigger picture of the gospel
  7. Know biblical principles
  8. Have a personal relationship with Jesus
  9. Understand the Bible as a unified story
  10. Have a loving, caring relationship with an adult
  11. Engage today’s culture with vibrant faith
  12. Feel like a part of the global church

Are childrens ministry (5-14 years) covering the tough topics?

This is ranked in order of importance according to parents and gaurdians.

  1. Bullying
  2. Loneliness
  3. Social Media
  4. Caring for the environment
  5. Racial Inequality
  6. Depression
  7. Suicide
  8. Self harm
  9. Gender identity
  10. Sexual identity
  11. Politics
  12. Sexism
  13. Gender inequality

In order to address the above we should move towards community and towards equipping parant and kids with the necessary tools to deal with the above topics.

Could meaningful, intergenerational connections be a key to sustaining the future chuch?

The role of the mentor is critical.

What are the primary factors shaping kids today?

Begin with the assumption that our children are being overly exposed to worldly discipleship and underexposed with biblical discipleship. (Secularism in a Post-Christian society)

There are three primary areas of human formation (and also true for kids):

  1. Community -> Relationship -> Belonging
  2. Meaning -> Purpose -> Believing
  3. Freedom -> Experience -> Becoming

For more on this research go to the Barna website.

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